Filmon Process Corp. and Ploeger Enterprises, Inc. provide a variety of custom services for business and industry ranging from aerospace to cosmetic and medical.  We specialize in precision hot-knife slitting of industrial and specialty fabrics ranging from 4-millimeter to 80-inch widths.

We are accustomed to working under Client Confidential Agreements.  We strive to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations with each order. 

Contact us to see how Filmon Process Corp. and Ploeger Enterprises, Inc. can help you with your business needs applying our over fifty years of experience in custom precision hot-knife slitting.

  • Fabric Converter
  • Woven Textiles
  • Hot-knife Slitting Service     
  • Related Custom Slitting Textile Projects
  • Specialty Fabric Slitting Service

Our factory is located in Arden near Asheville, North Carolina just east of the Asheville Regional Airport and near Interstates 26 & 40.   Filmon Process Corp. is easily accessible by interstate trucking terminals.

E Mail is the best way to reach us:

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