About Us

Over Fifty Years

  With three generations and over fifty years in business, the Ploeger’s have built a solid reputation as perhaps the best in the world at performing precision hot-knife slitting of industrial and specialty fabrics.  The Ploeger’s were the first to successfully convert woven nylon fabrics into nylon  impression fabric printing ribbons.  They are the inventors of the Errorite Correction Typewriter Ribbon—also known as the universal black and white cover-up correction typewriter ribbon.  The Ploeger’s also  developed other patents relating to nylon impression printing ribbons used in the manufacturing process around the world today—such as the welded endless loop. 

Committed To Quality Service

 The  Ploeger’s and Filmon Process Corp. are committed to providing quality service to businesses and industry. The Ploeger’s understand their  reputation of providing reliable and consistent quality service is what keeps them at the top of this industry worldwide.  Filmon Process Corp. is  dedicated to performing custom precision hot-knife slitting of nylon impression  fabrics—both inked and un-inked rolls, specialty woven and non-woven  industrial materials, and related textiles according to the customer's individual needs.

Calling North Carolina Home

 New York  and Long Island native, Walter Ploeger Jr., moved Filmon Process Corp.  and Ploeger Enterprises, Inc. along with the entire family to the  Asheville area of Western North Carolina in 1980 to start calling North  Carolina home.   Today,  Carl and Robert Ploeger continue to carry on the family tradition of  adhering to the highest quality standards in custom commission precision  hot-knife slitting of fabrics to each customer’s specifications. 

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